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【 Brotherhood 】【 2008-09-30 】

Album songs:
1.Hey Boy Hey Girl

2.Block Rockin' Beats

3.Do It Again


5.Star Guitar

6.Let Forever Be

7.Leave Home

8.Keep My Composure (Provided)

9.Saturate (Provided)

10.Out Of Control

11.The Golden Path

12.Setting Sun

13.Chemical Beats (Provided)


Album Intro:

Limited two CD edition of the 2008 hits collection from the British Electronic duo featuring a bonus CD that contains Electronic Battle Weapons 1-10. Since 1996, Electronic Battle Weapons have acted as the laboratories for The Chems devious musical experiments and laid the rhythmic and melodic foundations for numerous tracks as well as providing some of the duos most formidable mixes. Until now Electronic Battle Weapons1-9 have only been available on limited vinyl and this is the first time they have been available on CD. The main disc is a collection of 14 undeniable benchmark singles from the bands immense back catalogue and the new track 'Keep My Composure' which features the shimmering flow of Baltimore's Spank Rock. Virgin.

1. Galvanize
2. Hey Boy Hey Girl
3. Block Rockin' Beats
4. Do It Again
5. Believe
6. Star Guitar
7. Let Forever Be
8. Leave Home
9. Keep My Composure
10. Saturate
11. Out of Control
12. Midnight Madness
13. The Golden Path
14. Setting Sun
15. Chemical Beats