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【 Don't Think 】【 2012-03-26 】

Album songs:
1.Another World

2.Tomorrow Never Knows (Provided)

3.Horse Power

4.Swoon (Provided)

5.3 Little Birdies Downbeats (Provided)

6.Don t Think (Provided)

7.Escape Velocity


9.Leave Home / Galvanize (Provided)

Album Intro:

With Don't Think , multi GRAMMY® Award-winning electronic music duo The Chemical Brothers bring their mind-bendingly psychedelic live show to the big screen for the first time, and in grand style. A state of art spectacle shot at Japan s Fujirock Festival in front of 50,000 ravenous fans, Don't Think combines the Chemical Brothers famously ferocious modern electronic sounds and hardcore dance beats with eye-popping visuals. Directed by their longtime visual collaborator Adam Smith, and shot on 20 cameras, Don't Think is the first concert film to feature Dolby 7:1 surround sound,
mixed for the screen by the band, and includes 2 new Chemical Brothers tracks. Don't think, let it flow, surrender to the void.

1. Another World - The Chemical Brothers
2. Do It Again - The Chemical Brothers
3. Get Yourself High - The Chemical Brothers
4. Horsepower - The Chemical Brothers
5. Chemical Beats - The Chemical Brothers
6. Swoon - The Chemical Brothers
7. Star Guitar - The Chemical Brothers
8. 3 Little Birdies Downbeats - The Chemical Brothers
9. Hey Boy Hey Girl - The Chemical Brothers
10. Don t Think (NEW TRACK) - The Chemical Brothers
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1. Tomorrow Never Knows [DVD]
2. Another World [DVD]
3. Do It Again [DVD]
4. Get Yourself High [DVD]
5. Horsepower [DVD]
6. Chemical Beats [DVD]
7. Swoon [DVD]
8. Star Guitar [DVD]
9. 3 Little Birdies Downbeats [DVD]
10. Hey Boy Hey Girl [DVD]
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