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The Glamour Manifesto

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The Glamour Manifesto


Lyricist:Armen Simonpour,Mattia Cecchetto
Composer:Armen Simonpour,Mattia Cecchetto

I've tried the best
The best I can
But I'm not like you
There's a psycho in my head

I'm sick
In so many ways
By the animal in my head

It's so easy with that kind of company
Suicidal antievolutionary

I feel cold
But I'm melting
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There aint no shelter
For the ones like me

But I'm alright
Good morning sunshine
You're too loud
You're so loud

Ain't no failure with this kind of company
Genocidal gentrified survivalism

I think I'm losing control
What have I become
Is this the way that it goes
Cause I feel nothing
Nothing at all

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