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Maroon 5 is an American pop rock band that originated in Los Angeles, California. It currently consists of lead vocalist Adam Levine, keyboardist and rhythm guitarist Jesse Carmichael, bassist Mickey Madden, lead guitarist James Valentine, drummer Matt Flynn, and keyboardist PJ Morton. Before the current group was established, the original four members, Adam Levine (lead vocals, lead guitar), Jesse Carmichael (rhythm guitar, backing vocals), Mickey Madden (bass guitar) and Ryan Dusick (drums), formed a band known as Kara's Flowers in 1994, while they were still in high school. The band, which self-released an album called We Like Digging?, then signed to Reprise Records and released the album The Fourth World in 1997. After the album garnered a tepid response, the band parted ways with the record label and the members attended college.

In 2001, the band changed its image by adding guitarist James Valentine and pursuing a different direction under the name Maroon 5. At this point, Carmichael switched to playing keyboards, which has since become his main instrument in the band. After these changes, Maroon 5 signed with a subsidiary of J Records, Octone Records, and released their debut album, Songs About Jane, in June 2002. The album's lead single, 'Harder to Breathe', received heavy airplay, which helped the album to debut at number six on the Billboard 200 chart. In 2004, the album went platinum and has been dubbed 'the sleeper hit of the millennium'. The band won the Grammy Award for Best New Artist in 2005. For the next few years, Maroon 5 toured extensively worldwide in support of Songs About Jane and produced two live recordings: 2004's 1.22.03.Acoustic and 2005's Live – Friday the 13th. In 2006, Dusick officially left Maroon 5 after suffering from serious wrist and shoulder injuries and was replaced by Matt Flynn. The band then recorded their second album, It Won't Be Soon Before Long and released it in May 2007. The album reached number one on the US Billboard 200 chart and the lead single, 'Makes Me Wonder', became the band's first number-one single on the Billboard Hot 100.

In September 2010, Maroon 5 released their third studio album Hands All Over, which was re-released in 2011 to include the single 'Moves like Jagger' featuring Christina Aguilera. While the original version of the album received mixed reviews, 'Moves like Jagger' reached the number one position on the Billboard Hot 100. The band released their fourth album, Overexposed, on June 26, 2012. All four singles of the album were highly successful on the Billboard Hot 100, including second single 'One More Night', which reached number one for 9 weeks straight. Keyboardist PJ Morton became an official member of the band in 2012, after gaining little success with his previous albums as an R&B vocalist. The addition of PJ Morton meant that for the first time, Maroon 5 had six official members. The same year, the bass player of Phantom Planet, Sam Farrar, became an official touring member, playing many different instruments (including guitars, percussion and additional keyboards), singing backing vocals and also providing samples and other special effects. In 2014, the band signed with Interscope Records and released their fifth studio album, V. Maroon 5 has sold more than 20 million albums and 70 million singles worldwide.


Adam Levine
Jesse Carmichael
Mickey Madden
James Valentine
Matt Flynn
PJ Morton

Past members
Ryan Dusick
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Album name Release Date  Song    
Memories 2019-10
What Lovers Do 2017-08
1.What Lovers Do
Cold - Hot Shade & Mike Perry Remix 2017-03
1.Cold - Hot Shade & Mike Perry Remix
Cold 2017
Don't Wanna Know 2016-10
1.Don't Wanna Know
Happy Christmas(War Is Over) 2014-12
1.Happy Christmas(War Is Over)
V 2014-09
3.It Was Always You
4.Unkiss Me
6.Leaving California
7.In Your Pocket
8.New Love
9.Coming Back For You
11.My Heart Is Open ft. Gwen Stefani
12.Shoot Love
13.Sex And Candy
14.Lost Stars
無所不在(Overexposed) 2012-06
1.One More Night(最後一夜)
2.Payphone - feat. Wiz Khalifa(公共電話 feat. 威茲哈利法)
4.Lucky Strike(幸運星)
5.The Man Who Never Lied(不說謊的男人)
6.Love Somebody(愛一場)
7.Lady killer(愛情女殺手)
8.Fortune Teller(預言家)
11.Doin' Dirt(下流勾當)
12.Beautiful Goodbye(美麗告別)
13.Wipe Your Eyes(擦去淚水)
14.Wasted Years(虛度光陰)
16.Moves Like Jagger - feat. Christina Aguilera(傑格舞步 feat. 克莉絲汀)
17.Payphone - Supreme Cuts Remix(公共電話 - 混音版)
18.Payphone - Cutmore Remix(公共電話 - 混音版)
Payphone 2012-04
1.Payphone(feat. Wiz Khalifa)
The Hunger Games OST 2012
1.Come Away To The Water
Overexposed 2012
1.Wasted Years
2.Payphone (The Other Remix)
3.Wipe Your Eyes
5.One More Night (Sticky K. Remix)
7.Lucky Strike
8.The Man Who Never Lied
9.Love Somebody
10.Fortune Teller
13.Doin' Dirt
15.Beautiful Goodbye
16.One More Night
Moves Like Jagger 2011-07
1.Moves Like Jagger(Studio Recording From The Voice Performance)
ITunes Session (EP) 2011
1.Little Of Your Time (iTunes Session)
2.Never Gonna Leave This Bed (iTunes Session)
3.Better That We Break (iTunes Session)
4.Secret (iTunes Session)
5.Misery (iTunes Session)
6.She Will Be Loved (iTunes Session)
Call And Response: The Remix Album 2011
1.Wake Up Call (Mark Ronson Remix)
2.If I Never See Your Face Again (Paul Oakenfold Remix)
3.Secret (DJ Premier Remix)
4.Harder To Breathe (The Cool Kids Remix)
5.This Love (Cut Copy Galactic Beach House Mix)
6.This Love (C. Tricky Stewart Remix) (Provided)
7.She Will Be Loved (Pharrell Williams Remix)
8.Sunday Morning (Questlove Remix)
9.Makes Me Wonder (Just Blaze Remix)
10.If I Never See Your Face Again (Swizz Beatz Remix)
11.Shiver (DJ Quik Remix)
12.Wake Up Call (David Banner Remix)
13.Better That We Break (Ali Shaheed Muhammad & Doc Remix)
14.Little Of Your Time (Bloodshy & Avant Remix)
15.Little Of Your Time (Of Montreal Remix)
16.Not Falling Apart (Tiesto Remix)
17.Woman (Sam Farrar Remix)
18.Harder To Breathe
19.This Love
21.She Will Be Loved
22.Sunday Morning
24.Makes Me Wonder
25.Not Falling Apart
26.Wake Up Call
27.Little of Your Time
28.Goodnight Goodnight
29.Better That We Break
Hands All Over(愛不釋手) 2010-09
2.Give a Little More(再多一點)
4.Don't Know Nothing(不知道)
5.Never Gonna Leave This Bed(不想起床)
6.I Can't Lie(無法說謊)
7.Hands All Over(愛不釋手)
9.Get Back in My Life(找回人生)
10.Just a Feeling(只是一種感覺)
12.Out of Goodbyes (with Lady Antebellum)(別說再見 - feat. 懷舊女郎)
13.Last Chance(最後機會)
14.No Curtain Call(不願謝幕)
15.Never Gonna Leave This Bed (Acoustic)(不想起床 - 不插電版)
16.Misery(Acoustic)(悲慘世界 - 不插電版)
17.If I Ain't Got You (Live)(如果沒有你 - 現場演唱版)
18.Crazy Little Thing Called Love - Acoustic(愛是瘋狂的小東西 - 不插電版) (Provided)
1.22.03 Acoustic(2003.1.22原音特輯) 2008-03
1.This Love
2.Sunday Morning
3.She Will Be Loved
4.Harder To Breathe
5.The Sun
6.If I Fell
7.Highway To Hell (Provided)
It Won't Be Soon Before Long 2007-05
1.If I Never See Your Face Again
2.Makes Me Wonder
3.Little Of Your Time
4.Wake Up Call
5.Won't Go Home Without You
6.Nothing Lasts Forever
7.Can't Stop
8.Goodnight Goodnight
9.Not Falling Apart
11.Better That We Break
12.Back At Your Door
Makes Me Wonder 2007-05
1.Makes Me Wonder(Album Version)2.The Way I Was(Non-LP Version) (Provided)
Happy Xmas (War Is Over) (Single) 2007
1.Happy Xmas (War Is Over)
1.22.03Acoustic 2004-06
1.This Love
2.Sunday Morning
3.She Will Be Loved
4.Harder to Breathe
5.The Sun
6.If I Fell
7.Highway to Hell(Live) (Provided)
Songs About Jane[珍情歌] 2004-05
1.Harder To Breathe(快要窒息)
2.This Love(烈愛)
4.She Will Be Loved(被愛)
6.The Sun(太陽)
7.Must Get Out(掙脫)
8.Sunday Morning(星期天早晨)
10.Through With You(忘了妳)
11.Not Coming Home(不回家)
12.Sweetest Goodbye(最甜蜜的道別)
Spiderman 2[Original Soundtrack] 2004
Mary Had A Little Amp[Compilation] 2004
1.Pure Imagination
Fourth World[As Kara's Flowers] 1997-08
1.Soap Disco
2.Future Kid
5.Never Saga
6.Loving The Small Time
7.To Her, With Love
8.Sleepy Windbreaker
9.Pantry Queen
10.My Ocean Blue
11.Captain Splendid
This Love
1.Harder to Breathe (acoustic version)
2.The Sun (acoustic version)
3.This Love (album version)
4.This Love
The B-Side Collection
1.The Way I Was - Non-LP Version
2.Until You're Over Me
5.Figure It Out
6.Losing My Mind
7.Miss You Love You
8.Losing My Mind - Non-LP Version
9.Until You're Over Me - Non-LP Version
10.Miss You Love You - Non LP Version
11.Story - Non-LP Version Live Lounge Performance (Telstra Bigpond Exclusive)
1.Makes Me Wonder - Take40 Live Lounge
2.Wake Up Call - Take40 Live Lounge
3.Sunday Morning - Take40 Live Lounge
4.She Will Be Loved - Take40 Live Lounge
5.This Love - Take40 Live Lounge
Take40 Live Lounge Performance (Telstra Bigpond Exclusive)
1.Makes Me Wonder - Take40 Live Lounge
2.Wake Up Call - Take40 Live Lounge
3.Sunday Morning - Take40 Live Lounge
4.She Will Be Loved - Take40 Live Lounge
5.This Love - Take40 Live Lounge
Sunday Morning
1.Shiver (live from ''Hard Rock Live'')
2.Through With You (live from ''Hard Rock Live'')
3.Sunday Morning (album version)
4.Sunday Morning
Songs About Jane
1.Through With You (Demo)
2.Sunday Morning (Demo)
3.Secret (Demo)
4.Not Coming Home (Demo)
5.Sweetest Goodbye (Demo)
6.Take What You Want (Demo)
7.Woman (Demo)
8.Chilly Winter (Demo)
9.Sunday Morning
10.Harder to Breathe
11.Must Get Out
13.Sweetest Goodbye
14.Must Get Out (Demo)
15.The Sun (Demo)
16.Tangled (Demo)
17.Ragdoll (Original Demo / Non-LP International B-Side)
18.This Love
19.She Will Be Loved (Radio Mix)
21.The Sun
22.Through With You
23.Not Coming Home
24.Harder to Breathe (Demo)
25.This Love (Demo)
26.Shiver (Demo)
She Will Be Loved
1.Closer (live acoustic version)
2.She Will Be Loved (album version)
3.She Will Be Loved
4.This Love (Kanye West remix)
Red Pill Blues
1.Moves Like Jagger (Live In Manchester)
2.Maps - Live In Manchester
3.This Love - Live In Manchester
4.Best 4 You
5.Lips On You
6.Bet My Heart
7.Girls Like You
9.Denim Jacket
11.Plastic Rose
12.Harder To Breathe - Live In Manchester
13.Daylight - Live In Manchester
14.Animals - Live In Manchester
15.Stereo Hearts - Live In Manchester
16.Sugar (Live In Manchester)
17.Payphone (Live In Manchester)
19.Best 4 U
Overexposed Commentary
1.One More Night - Commentary
2.Wasted Years - Commentary
3.Wipe Your Eyes - Commentary
4.Beautiful Goodbye - Commentary
5.Doin' Dirt - Commentary
6.Tickets - Commentary
7.Sad - Commentary
8.Fortune Teller - Commentary
9.Love Somebody - Commentary
10.The Man Who Never Lied - Commentary
11.Lucky Strike - Commentary
12.Payphone - Commentary
13.Let's Stay Together - Commentary
My Blue Ocean
1.Forty Five
2.Rag Doll
3.If I Fell
4.This Love (Jr. Vasquez mix)
5.The Kid With the Velvet Eyes
6.The Fog
7.You Ain't Ever Coming Back (Provided)
8.Take What
Misery (Single)
1.Misery (Single)2.If I Never See Your Face Again (Paul Oakenfold Remix)
Live from SoHo
1.If I Never See Your Face Again - Live From SoHo
2.Makes Me Wonder - Live From SoHo
3.Little Of Your Time - Live From SoHo
4.Wake Up Call - Live From SoHo
5.Won't Go Home Without You - Live From SoHo
6.Nothing Lasts Forever - Live From SoHo
Live from Le Cabaret
1.Harder to Breathe (Live)
2.Secret (Live)
3.Won't Go Home Without You (Live)
4.Little of Your Time (Live)
5.She Will Be Loved (Live)
6.This Love (Live)
7.Makes Me Wonder (Live)
8.Sweetest Goodbye (Live)
9.If I Never See Your Face Again (Live)
Live Friday The 13th
1.Tangled - Live
2.Not Coming Home
3.Sunday Morning
4.Harder to Breathe
5.Must Get Out
6.She Will Be Loved
7.Not Coming Home - Live
8.Through With You - Live
9.Sweetest Goodbye - Live
10.This Love
11.Sweetest Goodbye
13.The Sun
15.Through With You
16.Wasted Years - Live
17.Must Get Out - Live
18.Hello - Live
19.Secret / Ain't No Sunshine
21.Shiver - Live
22.Harder To Breathe - Live
23.The Sun - Live
24.This Love - Live
25.Sunday Morning - Live
26.She Will Be Loved - Live
27.Wasted Years
It Won't Be Soon Before Long (Bonus Track Version)
1.Goodnight Goodnight
3.Not Falling Apart
4.Can't Stop
5.Nothing Lasts Forever
6.Little of Your Time
7.Makes Me Wonder
8.If I Never See Your Face Again
9.Wake Up Call
10.Losing My Mind (Bonus Track)
11.Infatuation (Bonus Track)
12.Until You're Over Me (Bonus Track)
13.Won't Go Home Without You
14.Back At Your Door
15.Better That We Break
Hands All Over
1.Wake Up Call - Live version
2.Get Back In My Life
3.Give A Little More
4.Never Gonna Leave This Bed - Acoustic
5.Never Gonna Leave This Bed
6.Just A Feeling
9.Misery - Acoustic
10.If I Ain't Got You - Live
Down the Alley
1.Harder to Breathe (acoustic)
2.She Will Be Loved (acoustic)
3.This Love (acoustic)
Miscellaneous 1
1.Payphone (Single)
2.Moves Like Jagger (Single)
3.The Way You Look Tonight
4.Give A Little More Remix
5.Moves Like Jagger (Mac Miller Remix)
6.Sweetest Goodbye / Sunday Morning
7.Misery (Bimbo Jones Club Mix)
8.Is Anybody Out There (feat. PJ Morton)
9.I Shall Be Released
10.Not Falling Apart (Tiesto edit)
11.The Way I Was
12.Payphone (Solo version)
13.The Sun (Live)
14.Sunday Morning (Live)
15.Shiver (Live)
16.I Won't Go Home Without You
17.One More Night (LVLF Remix)
18.Wake Up Call (remix)
19.Harder To Breath
20.Hello (Oasis cover)
22.That's Not Enough
24.Harder To Breath (Acoustic)
25.Take What You Want
26.Don't Look Back In Anger
27.The Never Saga
28.Control Myself
29.If You Only Knew
30.Buddy Two-Shoes Wilson
31.Happy Christmas (The War is Over)
32.Payphone (clean version)
33.Payphone (Without Wiz Kalifa)
34.Hands All Over
36.I Can't Lie
37.Last Chance
38.Moves Like Jagger (Radio Edit)
39.Out Of Goodbyes
40.Maps (Radio Edit)
41.No Curtain Call
42.If I Ain't Got You
43.Don't Know Nothing
44.Moves Like Jagger (Neon NiteClub Remix)
46.The Air That I Breathe
47.Moves Like Jagger
48.Crazy Little Thing Called Love
49.My Blue Ocean
50.Maroon 5 - Through With You
51.If I Fell In Love With You
52.I'm Not Coming Home
53.The Sun (Acoustic)
54.My Heart is Open
55.Maps (Remix)
56.This Summer's Gonna Hurt like a Motherfucker
57.Maps (Single)
58.Let's Stay Together
59.Payphone (Supreme Cuts Remix)
60.Payphone (Sound of Arrows Remix)
61.Payphone (Cutmore Remix)
62.Don't Wanna Know (feat. Kendrick Lamar)
63.She Will Be Loved (Acoustic Version)
64.Sunday Morning - Acoustic
65.Highway To Hell - Acoustic - Live From Hamburg, Germany
66.Animals - Sammy Bananas Remix
67.Wake Up Call - Live @ AOL Sessions
68.Moves Like Jagger - feat. Christina Aguilera. Soul Seekerz Radio Edit
69.Moves Like Jagger (feat. Christina Aguilera)
70.Sugar (Slaptop Remix)
71.Day Light - Commentary
72.Moves Like Jagger (The Making of)
73.One More Night (Cutmore Club Mix)
74.This Summer
75.Animals (Gryffin Remix)
76.Sugar - Edited
77.This Summer's Gonna Hurt Like a Motherf****r
78.Moves Like Jagger (Feat. Christina Aguilera) [CPR Remix]
79.Happy (Live)
1.She Will Be Loved (Alice Lounge)
2.Wake Up Call (Live)
3.Nothing Lasts Forever (Live)
4.Not Falling Apart (Tiesto extended remix)
5.Won't Go Home Without You (Radio Mix)
6.Miss You Love You (Alternate Version)
7.If I Never See Your Face Again - Live from MSN Control Room
8.She Will Be Loved (Rumba, 25mpm)
9.Pure Imagination (With Barack Obama Speech Excerpt)
11.Everyday People
12.Nothing Lasts Forever (from 'The Hills')
13.The Air That I Breathe (Bonus Track)
14.Sweetest Goodbye (From ''Love Actually'')
15.Won't Go Home Without You - Acoustic Version
16.Give a Little More (Roger Sanchez club mix)
17.Maps (Cutmore Dub)
18.Don' Wanna Know
19.Cold (Without Future)
20.Moves Like Jagger (The Voice Performance)
21.Payphone (Edited Version) [feat. Wiz Khalifa]
22.Payphone (Explicit)
23.Payphone (edited version)
24.Payphone (Edit)
25.Payphone (Album Edit)
26.Don't Wanna Know - Ryan Riback Remix
27.Don't Wanna Know - Fareoh Remix
28.Don't Wanna Know - BRAVVO Remix
29.Don't Wanna Know - Total Ape Remix
30.Don't Wanna Know (Zaeden Remix)
31.Payphone (Ashworth Remix)
32.Misery (Compilation Version)
34.Three Little Birds
35.If I Never See Your Face Again - Featuring Rihanna
36.If I Never See Your Face Again (remix edit)

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