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PnB Rock( Rakim Hasheem Allen )

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PnB Rock( Rakim Hasheem Allen )


Lately I Been On My Fuck It Shit
It's No Competition Who Fucking With Me
This Rap Shit I Run It
Im Blowing This Money
These 50s & 100s Aint Nothing To Me
I Want The Royalty, I Want The Loyalty
Putting Up Money For Lawyer Fee's
Cause I Know Me Man I Got A Bad Temper
Put All These Rap Nigga's Right In A Blender
Pnb I'm The One They'll Always Remember
Cause I Be Killing Shit
I Spit The Realest Shit
Cause I Done Did This Shit
I'm On That Different Shit
Got Me On My Shit, These Nigga's Feeling Shit
I Been Feeling Like Tupac & Shit
All Eyes On Me Yeah They Watching Shit
Study My Moves Tryna See What I Do
Like How The Fuck He Get So Popping Quick
Got Alot Of Shit That's On Ma Mind
Got Alot Of Shit That's On Ma Plate
Gotta Feed The Fam, Gotta Feed The Hood
So Im Up & Down That Inner State
Doing Shows, Having Different Meetings
In The Studio, I Been Barely Sleeping
Smoking All This Dough, I Been Barely Eating
In A Different City Every Fucking Weekend


Im Ya Favorite Rappers Favorite Rapper
I Go In The Booth & Make It Happen
It's Amazing How This Shit Just Happens Finessing Tracks Without No Fucking Practice
Lately I Been In The Booth & I Cook Up A Hit
I'm Rolling, I Really Can't Miss
These Bitches All On Ma Dick Cause They Know I'm Boutta Be Rich
I'm Boutta Be Rich
I'm Boutta Be Rich
Blowing Money On Stupid Shit
Me & My Nigga's Strapped Up In The Ring Top
We All On That Roofing Shit
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Bitches I'm Picking & Choosing Shit
I'm Hanging Bitches In 2's & Shit
I Swear My Life On Some Movie Shit
Boutta Call Top Up To Shoot The Shit


Aye Chop Get The MotherFucking Camera's Ready Nigga
We Finna Make A Movie Nigga
Where My MotherFucking Dough Man Roll That Shit Up

Ayee Heyy

Cash rules Every Thing Around Me
So You Know I Get That Thing Around
Real Nigga's Yeah They Stay Around Me
Fuck Nigga's Stay The Fuck Around Me


I'm Boutta Go To Miami
Cop A New Lay For The Grammy
I'm Cashing Out With My Family
Fuck You, You Aint With The Family
When I Come Through You Better Cuff
Ya Bitch
Cause Im The Type Of Nigga That'll Fuck Ya Bitch
Sing To The Pussy, Do Ma Thing To The Pussy
& We Can Get Into Some Other Shit
Got Guns, Got Clips, Sewed Up & Shit
This For All The Pussy Nigga's On That Talking Shit
Got Damn Lil Homie, Why You Love The Bitch
You Gon Die For The Pussy, Well Fuck It Then
Got The Mac With The Rubber Grit
That Mean It Ain't No More Rumbling
He Gon Come Through & Start Cutting Shit
Plus We Got Cav In The Gut & Shit
Damn .

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