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Head East

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Head East


We are people looking for
A new and promise land
Found him with fire and rain
Crossing desert sand

We were right the moonlit night
Never stop for days
Oh we are of the chosen few
Elijah knew the way

He would turn the tide for us
Lead us from temptation
And when we reach the promise land
He will witness our creation
He will witness our creation

With fire we fight the red man's bow
With strenght we steals his rights
Oh we did not know what we were
We followed elijah's plight

The path was straight and to the point
Destiny would bring
Another time another place
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Another moonlit king


Oh elijah oh oh oh
Oh elijah oh oh oh

Oh lead us to the shepherd's call
Every step is long
And when you feel it in your soul
Please help us with this song oh

Oh elijah oh oh oh
(numerous repeats)


Oh elijah oh oh oh
Oh elijah
Oh elijah oh oh oh aaaaahhh

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