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Glen Hansard (born 21 April 1970) is an Irish songwriter, actor, vocalist and guitarist for Irish group The Frames, and one half of folk rock duo The Swell Season. He is also known for his acting, having appeared in the BAFTA-winning film The Commitments, as well as starring in the film Once, which earned him a number of major awards, including an Academy Award for Best Song.
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Album name Release Date  Song    
This Wild Willing 2019-04
1.I'll Be You, Be Me
2.Don't Settle
3.Fool's Game
4.Race To The Bottom
5.The Closing Door
6.Brother's Keeper
8.Threading Water
9.Weight Of The World
10.Who's Gonna Be Your Baby Now
11.Good Life Of Song
12.Leave A Light
A Season On The Line EP 2016
1.Didn't He Ramble
2.Way Back in the Way Back When (Provided)
3.Let Me In
It Was Triumph We Once Proposed Songs Of Jason Molina 2015
1.Being In Love
2.Hold On Magnolia
3.Farewell Transmission
5.White Sulfur
Didn't He Ramble 2015
1.Grace Beneath the Pines
2.Wedding Ring
3.Winning Streak
4.Her Mercy
5.McCormack's Wall
6.Lowly Deserter
7.Paying My Way
8.My Little Ruin
9.Just to Be the One
10.Stay the Road
Drive All Night (EP) 2013
1.Drive All Night
2.Pennies in the Fountain
4.Step out of the Shadows
Rhythm and Repose 2012
1.You Will Become
2.Maybe Not Tonight
3.Talking with The Wolves
4.High Hope
5.Bird of Sorrow
6.The Storm, It's Coming
7.Love Don't Leave Me Waiting
8.What Are We Gonna Do
11.Song of Good Hope
12.Come Away To The Water
13.This Gift
14.Rare Bird
The Swell Season
Spotify Sessions
1.Love Don't Leave Me Waiting - Live From Spotify NYC
2.High Hope - Live From Spotify NYC
3.Low Rising - Live From Spotify NYC
4.The Song Of Good Hope - Live From Spotify NYC
1.The Hill
Once (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
2.Falling Slowly (Con Marketa Irglova)
3.If You Want Me (Con Marketa Irglova)
4.When Your Mind's Made Up
5.Lies (Con Marketa Irglova)
7.All the Way Down
9.Say It to Me Now
1.Falling Slowly
2.Trying To Pull Myself Away
3.All The Way Down
4.Fallen From The Sky
5.Say It To Me Now
6.Broken Hearted Hoover Fixer Sucker Guy
7.When Your Mind's Made Up (With Marketa Irglova)
8.If You Want Me
9.Alone Apart
10.You Ain't Goin' Nowhere
11.The Moon
12.Drown Out
13.Drive All Night (feat. Eddie Vedder and Jake Clemons)
14.Come Away to the Water (Bonus Track)
15.This Gift (Bonus Track)
16.A Parting Glass - Live From Spotify NYC
18.Take the Heartland
19.In The Arms Of This Low
20.Cry Me a River
21.Her Mercy (Radio Edit)
22.Time Will Be The Healer
23.Wreckless Heart

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