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Album name Release Date  Song    
Eagle Birds 2019-04
1.Eagle Birds
Turn Blue 2014
1.Bullet In the Brain
2.It's Up to You Now
3.Waiting On Words
4.In Time
5.Turn Blue
7.Year In Review
8.Weight of Love
9.10 Lovers
10.In Our Prime
11.Gotta Get Away
Side by Side No Fun 2013
1.No Fun – By The Stooges2.No Fun – By The Black Keys
El Camino(未來前程) 2012-10
1.Lonely Boy
2.Dead And Gone
3.Gold On The Ceiling
4.Little Black Submarines
5.Money Maker
6.Run Right Back
8.Hell Of A Season
9.Stop Stop
10.Nova Baby
11.Mind Eraser
Little Black Submarines (Single) 2012
1.Little Black Submarines (Single)
Brothers(哥兒們) 2010-05
1.Every Lasting Light
2.Next Girl
3.Tighten Up
4.Howlin' For You
5.She's Long Gone
6.Black Mud (Provided)
7.The Only One
8.Too Afraid To Love
9.Ten Cent Pistol
10.Sinister Kid
11.The Go Getter
12.I'm Not The One
13.Unknown Brother
14.Never Gonna Give You Up
15.These Days
Strange Times 2008-03
1.Strange Times2.Something On My Mind (Provided)
Attack & Release 2008-03
1.All You Ever Wanted
2.I Got Mine
3.Strange Times
4.Psychotic Girl
6.Remember When(Side A)
7.Remember When(Side B)
8.Same Old Thing
9.So She Won't Break
10.Oceans And Streams
11.Things Ain't Like They Used To Be
Rubber Factory 2004
1.Keep Me
2.Act Nice and Gentle
3.When The Lights Go Out
4.Grown So Ugly
5.Girl Is On My Mind
6.10 A.M. Automatic
7.The Lengths
8.Aeroplane Blues
9.All Hands Against His Own
10.The Desperate Man
11.Just Couldn't Tie Me Down
12.Stack Shot Billy
13.Till I Get My Way
14.Summertime Blues
The Big Come Up 2002
2.Leavin' Trunk
3.'She Said, She Said'
4.Them Eyes
5.Run Me Down
6.Heavy Soul
7.Brooklyn Bound
8.I'll Be Your Man
11.Do the Rump (Provided)
13.240 Years Before Your Time (Provided)
Critical Obsessions
1.The Heart Breaking Spell (Provided)
2.The Promise (Provided)
3.Forever (Provided)
4.Critical (Provided)
5.Stranger In My Life (Provided)
6.Over And Out (Provided)
7.No Words (Provided)
8.Turntables (Provided)
9.The Last Song (Provided)
10.All I Did (Provided)
11.Climbing Walls (Provided)
12.Photographs (Provided)
13.Going Home (Provided)
1.Everlasting Light
2.Oceans & Streams
3.So He Won't Break
5.If You See Me
6.The Wicked Messenger
7.No Trust
8.Midnight In Her Eyes
9.I Cry Alone
10.Hold Me In Your Arms
11.Hurt Like Mine
12.Set You Free
13.Hard Row
15.Just A Little Heat
17.You're The One
18.Your Touch
19.Goodbye Babylon
20.Modern Times
21.The Deperate Man
22.Just Got To Be
23.Give Your Heart Away
24.The Flame
25.Strange Desire
26.No Fun
27.Chop & Change
28.My Mind Is Ramblin'
29.Her Eyes Are A Blue Million Miles
30.Too Afraid To Love You

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